Insta Articles Launched!

Have you ever wanted to simplify the way you created content for your blog?  To make it easier and more accessible without writing long essays? Well now you can. With Insta Articles, your article creation, is literally at your fingertips. You not only get the ability to quickly create Article content but […]

Insta Articles: De-Installation

This article provides detailed instructions for the full removal of the Insta Articles application from your Shopify store and de-authorisation of application access in Instagram. Shopify Without any Liquid code changes, removal of the application from your Shopify store is extremely straight forward. Login to your Shopify store admin dashboard […]

Pro Blogger: General Install [Video]

A short video to cover the once-off General install component that is a pre-requisite to all Pro Blogger features. This is also covered within every feature setup video so dont do it twice! Transcription Hi this is Russel from Low Fruit Solutions and today we’re going to be covering the […]

Youtube Channel Launched

They say a picture tells a story of a thousand words, so video must tell a story of a million. Which is undoubtably why they are so popular in providing tips, tricks and guidance. On that note we have now added video section to our KB. These can also be […]

Blogging in Shopify : Basics [Video]

In this video we cover why Blogging is such an important feature for your Shopify store and some basics in getting it setup. Transcription Hi. This is Russel, from Low Fruit Solutions. Today, I’m going to be talking about blogging in Shopify and specifically why blogging is important as a […]

Pro Blogger: Related Product Articles [Video]

Transcription Hi, this is Russell from Low Fruit Solutions and today we gonna be talking about the Related Product Articles feature of the Pro Blogger application. The purpose of this particular feature is to display articles that are related to your products on your product pages. And the reason you […]