Insta Articles

  • Save time by creating blog articles from your phone.
  • Keep shoppers engaged with regular updates from your social feed.
  • Adds content to your site that builds your store’s SEO.

Create content on the go from Instagram

Use Instagram to bring product and lifestyle content from you and your team/influencers into your blog, where it can engage your shoppers and add long term value to your store search engine rankings.


  • Let your team have their say – add multiple accounts, each with their own blog or author mapping.
  • Display images as Featured and/or in the Article content.
  • Embed videos!
  • Dynamically create the corresponding tags in your blog so your content is relatable to other articles and products.
  • Manage the quality of articles through filtering options such as hashtags, minimum word count and special characters.
  • Add custom HTML footers to support individual author messages or shortcodes.
  • No coding required!

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