Pro Blogger: Author Features Settings

The purpose of this article is to explain the configurable settings available to you within the Pro Blogger application to manage Author Features settings

It also assumes you have completed the Liquid Installation instructions found here.

Getting to the Application

  1. Log on to you Shopify store (if you havent already) via https://<yourstorename>
  2. This will take you to your stores Dashboard.
  3. In the lower left hand side you will see an option called ‘Applications‘. Click on it
  4. This will open the Apps dashboard in the right pane. In the list you will see the ‘Pro Blogger’ app. Click on it
  5. This will open the up the app console as per the below.
  1. Click on Accordion option labelled ‘Author Features’
  2. Enable/Disable – The Master Switch. Turning this on (with liquid installed) will enable Author Features. Disabling should hide the Authorbox and return any shortcode replacements to their original state.
  3. Author Box Layout – Provides four different layout options to choose from.
  4. Author Image – Will display an author image where provided or default Gravatar author image
  5. Author Name Format – What Header style the name of the Author should use
  6. Icon Shape – Round or Square social connection icons
  7. Icon Size – Size of social connection icons
  8. Icon Color – Color, Dark or Light color schemes
  9. Style and Colour – Inheriting from theme will restore default colour schemes. Use Custom will apply the settings used below the input.
  10. Box Background Colour – Applies only to Horizontal Box and Vertical Box layouts and is the colour fill for those options.
  11. Outline Thickness – thickness of the line around the Horizontal box and Vertical box layouts and the thickness of the dividing line in the Horizontal Line and Vertical Line layouts. Choose 0px to hide entirely
  12. Outline Color – Color of the box outline or dividing line in the vertical layout options
  13. Author Text Color – The color for the Author Name
  14. Bio Text Color – The color for the Bio text



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