Pro Blogger

The Number 1 Blogging App for Shopify

Content and content marketing is the key to ensuring great search engine positioning and audience engagement.  How your audience then connects with and shares your content is the driver to increasing ongoing organic traffic and ultimately sale revenue.

Blogging as it should be

By enhancing your Shopify blog with Pro Blogger – you not only enrich the content and browsing experience for your visitors but provide inbuilt options for them to share your enriched content in the greatest revenue generating social platform in the world – Pinterest.

With the Pro Blogger app for Shopify you will be able to

  • Keep your visitors engaged in your Blog by displaying Related Articles based on a weighted rule set to ensure the most relative match.
  • Automatically match and display the most relative products to your blog content so that your readers become your shoppers!
  • Leverage your Blog by displaying relevant articles in your Product pages.
  • Automatically build internal site links essential to SEO.
  • Caption your Blog images in an easy manner that leads to better visitor impression and experience.
  • Set alternative and co-authors for your Blog article without being limited by Shopify account creation.
  • Complete Pinterest site verification without any code changes
  • Enable Pinterest Rich Pin Support for your blogs – so any save by yourself or visitor includes full metadata from your bog.
  • Customisable Pinterest Pinit support so you or your visitors are able to pin images from your blog to a Pinterest board.

Features are flexibly modular, so turn on what you need, as you need it.

Other Key Features

  • Simple installation and configuration – if you need help we can do that! Just drop us a line in the forum
  • Easy to use management console
  • Fantastic support – we have extensive KB articles and Forum right here on our web site and are ready to help you get the app setup right now.

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