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[Release] Author Signature 2.0

We have just released version 2.0 of Author Signature and here are the major features

The UI has been tidied up and simplified quite considerably and we have introduced new options for managing images

UI Updates

ic: Version 2.0 User Interface

To assist our customers with profile image handling we have now included an upload option. This will copy the respective image to the active themes asset folder.

ic: Profile Image upload button

There are now an additional three settings for profile image management

  • Size - small, medium, large
  • Shape - rounded, square
  • Position - centre, top 

ic: Image Management Options

Buttons have been converted to our LFS green to ensure consistency across the board.

Feature Updates

Cleaner look and Better Mobile experience

  • All signature templates have been restyled using CSS grids which provide much better styling, spacing and alignment.
  • Mobile view now accommodates larger bios and profile images in a cleaner layout.

Profile Image 

  • Three new options to manage profile image size, shape and placement

CSS Updates

  • All styling has now been moved away from the soon to be deprecated SCSS files to native CSS. 
  • New custom CSS files lfs-instant-brand-page-custom.css has been created to customise the look and feel of the Instant Brand Page elements.

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