With the Instant Brand Page application you can easily setup a brand index page with custom images that automatically links to your collections pages. Allowing customers to quickly navigate to the products of their brand of choice. Add a favourites slider to show case specific high value brands anywhere on your store.

  • Flexible and Responsive Layout

    Multiple page template options to suit your store look and inventory size.

  • Custom Brand Images

    Use custom Hi-Res logos to draw on brand recognition and make your brands stand out.

  • Dynamic Collection Mapping

    Automatically links brands to matching collections.

  • Favourite Brand Slider

    Add a favourite brands slider to highlight key brands across your store.

  • Product Brand Icon

    Add a brand icon to your product page for quick links to vendor collections

  • Simple Installation

    Code free install and customisation using Theme customisation and app blocks

  • Catalogue Layout

    A brand index page of vibrant brand logos

  • Horizontal Layout

    A brand index page suitable for large inventories

  • List Layout

    A simple brand Index page suitable for small inventories

  • Vertical Layout

    A top to bottom brand index page suitable for medium sized inventories

  • Highlighting Key Brands cross your Store

    Add a responsive image slider of hi-resolution brand logos to your store that link back to respective product collections.

  • Add a Brand Link to your Products

    Create an engaging icon linking to your brand collection page


Full Feature List

  • 5 responsive Layouts (Catalogue, Horizontal, List, Page, Vertical)
  • Tagging of brands to identify them within the page
  • Highlight discounted brands
  • 3 icon styles for tagging with colour picker choice
  • Hide brands with products no longer in stock
  • Dynamic mapping to matching collections
  • Create custom brand to collection quicklinks
  • Performance loading enhanced using cached scan information
  • Default sort ordering of generic brand collection links
  • Compatible with site geo location store paths
  • Ability to create category aligned brand pages using collections
  • Dynamic brand search option
  • Customisable A-Z Index Navigation
  • Option to consolidate brands starting with a number under single section
  • Option to standardise accent letters to roman alphabet
  • Option to consolidate unicode brand names
  • Responsive Slider to display Favourited Brands across the storefront
  • Custom brand icon and link for Product templates
  • Theme Compatibility

    Vintage and new Section Block Theme Compatible.

  • Partner Friendly

    Supports Partner Friendly Installation

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