With Slidey Bar you can quickly setup a side bar to display custom content across your site.

This provides a dynamic and easy way to add promotional or informational content for your customers that is specific to their browsing experience.

Highlight recipes on product pages, ingredients on blog posts or even just call out specific products on your store or an affiliate. The possibilities are endless.

  • Dynamic and Responsive

    Choose a pop-out side bar with left or right site alignment and styling to match your theme.

  • Get Customers Attention

    Use vibrant call to action buttons with animation options

  • Highly customisable

    With 10+ (and growing) existing content blocks to choose from.

  • Super Flexible

    Easily add other app blocks and Affiliate products into your Slidey Bar

  • Simple Installation

    Code free install and customisation using Theme customisation and app blocks

  • Creating High Visibility Sales Event Adverts

    With Slidey Bar use a combination of text and link button to create an impactful sales event brochure with custom call to action button to draw attention to your key events.

  • Making your Blog Posts Shoppable

    Use Slidey Bar to present Product lists alongside your Blog Post using dynamic source data and custom call to action button.


Full Feature List

  • Can be setup on the left or right side of the screen
  • Call to action open button with custom text, colour and animation
  • Customise the open button to change appearance on different templates
  • Used as either a pop-out side bar or in open state
  • Include banner message and set colour and text size defaults
  • Content block of store Product with add to cart options
  • Content block to display Related Products
  • In-built support of Reviews (JudgeMe, LAI, Loox, Shopify and Stamped.IO)
  • Content block to create a product with affiliate links (e.g. Amazon)
  • Content block for Rich text
  • Content block with Call to Action animated button link
  • Content block for custom HTML or liquid
  • Content block containing a blog post
  • Content block with list of Recent Blog Posts
  • Content block containing an image and button links
  • Content block to add a navigation menu as categories
  • Content block to display product, blogs, post and collection tags as either tags or menu items
  • Content block with customisable store Search
  • Ability to add any 3rd party app blocks into the Slidey Bar section
  • Theme Compatibility

    Vintage and new Section Block Theme Compatible

  • Partner Friendly

    Supports Partner Friendly Installation

  • Support

    Our knowledge base is full of helpful articles.

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  • Privacy Policy

    We treat your data like our own

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Hi!! Im a demonstration of the countless combination and options you have with Slidey to highlight products, posts, brands, sales and events across your site.

With over 10+ content types included and support for 3rd party app blocks. Slidey truly is the side bar for all occasions.

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