• Showing your Readers Posts that interest them

    Use Pro Blogger to captivate your readers and take them on a journey by displaying Posts related to the one being read.

  • Describing your Post Images

    Add informative explainer image captions to your blog posts with Pro Blogger

  • Using Pinterest Pins

    Use Pro Blogger to enable Pinterest Pins on all Blog Post images. Letting your readers Pin images and links to their boards, expanding awareness of your brand across this social network.

  • Adding Contributors to your Blog

    Use Author Signature to replace the default author on a Blog Post with the contributor of choice.

  • Social Proofing your Blog

    Use a custom, full featured Author Signature with profile image, bio and social media referral links to provide social proofing of your content and giving due credit to your contributors.

  • Making your Blog Posts Shoppable

    Use Slidey Bar to present Product lists alongside your Blog Post using dynamic source data and custom call to action button.