Shopify Application Status

This page summarises our Shopify application status and compatibility with different Shopify theme types of Vintage and OS2.

Vintage themes 

Vintage themes are legacy liquid only themes that do not support sections or app blocks. Shopify is discontinuing this type of theme and as of the 1st of January 2024 will remove access to the Assets API. This means that applications will no longer be able to update or install local files that they need to support vintage themes.

OS2 themes 

The future. OS2 themes use app and section blocks to cleanly manage the implementation of app code into a theme. This removes any need for code changes by the store owner and ensures app removal includes all 'ghost' code.  As implementation and management happens via the Theme customisation menu in real time - this allows for greater and easier customisation by the store owner.


Vintage (after Jan 1 2024) Current OS2 Status
Name New Installs Existing Installs Work Can Change Settings Compatible Dev Log
Author Signature No Yes Yes Full compatibility - Sep 2023 Here
Instant Brand Page No Yes Yes Full compatibility - Aug 2023 Here
Pro Blogger No Yes No Full compatibility Aug 2022 Here
Slidey Bar No Yes Yes Full compatibility  - May 2023 Here