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Why we built this app

We wanted to give Shopify blog owners, easy access to a number of features that would be considered standard in other CMS systems such as Wordpress while also using their blog content to promote/sell their products.

What we love about this app

Its so feature rich and with just a few steps you really can transform a plain blog post into a very interactive one that puts your content and products in front of your readers. 

Its also great value for money! 

Why its good for you

Its simple but very powerful in its ability to get the right content in front of your visitors and build internal SEO links.

Once setup - it is also very low maintenance - allowing you to focus on your core business as it does what its supposed to.

Did we mention that it is also great value for money!

Top Tips for this App
The app needs you to have Tags on your Blog Posts. This will define what other posts and products will be matched.
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Full Feature List
  • Keep your visitors engaged in your Blog, by displaying Related Posts in a Responsive slider that uses a weighted rule set to ensure the most relative match.
  • Automatically match and display in a Responsive slider, the most relative products to your blog content so that your readers become your shoppers!
  • Leverage your Blog by displaying relevant articles such as reviews in your Product pages.
  • Responsive Sliders that are also suitable for side bar layouts.
  • Automatically build internal site links essential to SEO.
  • Caption your Blog images in an easy manner that leads to better visitor impression and experience.
  • Enable Pinterest Rich Pin Support for your blogs – so any save by yourself or a visitor includes the full metadata from your blog.
  • Customisable Pinterest Pinit support so you or your visitors are able to pin images from your blog to a Pinterest board.
  • Complete Pinterest site verification
  • Review badge and vendor display support for Related Products
  • Custom CSS options
Partner Friendly
This app supports Partner store installation.
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