Use Pro Blogger to enrich your customer experience by showcasing your products and blog posts across your site in a way that’s relevant and easy to navigate for your visitors.

  • Related Products for your Blog Posts

    Add sliders within and around your post content to showcase products to your Blog readers

  • Related Posts for your Blog Posts

    Add sliders to your Blog Post that enhance your readers journey with posts relative to the one they are reading.

  • Related Blog Posts for your Products

    Add Recipes, How to guides etc to your product pages to drive buying decisions

  • Related Blog Posts for your Collections

    Add related posts to your brand and type collections to highlight key posts such as guides, recipes and reviews that are related to that collection

  • Image Captions & Pinterest Pins

    Add key and informative descriptions and Pinterest Pinit options to your blog post images so your readers can share them and create back links to your site

  • Simple Installation

    Code free install and customisation using Theme customisation and app blocks

  • Add Products and other Recipes to a Recipe Blog Post

    Match a blog post to Product ingredients and related Recipe posts from across your blog.

  • Add Recipe Suggestions to a Product Page

    Use the Related Posts to suggest Recipes for a particular product

  • Provide Product Suggestions in a Guide Article

    Use Pro Blogger to offer Related and targeted products for a specific How to/Guide blog post

  • Add Recipes to Collection

    Demonstrate Recipes that may be used for Products within a collection


Full Feature List

  • Responsive Slider to add Related Products to a Blog Post
  • Option to place Products within the middle of the Post Content
  • Use Post tags, Title keywords and/or Metafields to match to Products and Collections
  • Choices to display Price, Vendor and Product Rating
  • In-built support of Reviews (JudgeMe, LAI, Loox, Shopify and Stamped.IO)
  • Custom sale and icon colour display
  • Multiple add to cart options and button customisation
  • Responsive Slider to add Related Posts to a Blog Post
  • Use Post tags, Title keywords and Author to match Posts
  • Back to Blog 'View All' button option
  • Responsive Slider to add Related Posts to the Product Page
  • Responsive Slider to add Related Posts to a Collection Page
  • Use product tags and collection name to match to Blog and Posts
  • Adjustable levels of accuracy to increase speed and decrease administrative overhead
  • Disable auto play and increase or decrease number of items in slider to fit theme width
  • 7 style and 4 colour options to enable deep styling customisation
  • Customisable blog post image captions
  • Customisable Pinterest Pinit buttons for Blog Post images
  • Mobile and SEO optimised with lazy load and URL management
  • Theme Compatibility

    Vintage and new Section Block Theme Compatible

  • Partner Friendly

    Supports Partner Friendly Installation

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