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[Release] Instant Brand Page 6.0 - OS2 Ready

This is a big and exciting update that we are very please to share

In this release we have delivered the following app blocks for use in OS2 themes

  • Instant Brand A-Z  for Page templates
  • Instant Brand Icon for Product templates
  • Instant Brand Page  for Page templates
  • Instant Brand Search  for Page templates
  • Instant Brand Slider  for all templates

These are underpinned by 

  • Brand link customisation
  • Product sorting
  • Greater index and page styling options
  • Geo URL support for multiple storefronts
  • In stock and on sale brand display
  • Multiple slider items in mobile view
  • Performance tuning for x-large inventories 
  • Migrating image files to the Shopify CDN

For information on the upgrade process - please check this (article)

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