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[Release] Instant Brand Page version 4.0

We have just released version 4.0 of Instant Brand and here are the major features

The UI has been tidied up and simplified quite considerably and we have introduced several new options across all the major features.

UI Updates

Instant Brand Page

We have moved away from drop downs to buttons and the use of sliders where we have scalable values.

Checkboxes have also been replaced with toggles so its pretty obvious when something is enabled or not.

Wrapped up in our LFS green and clearer text descriptions. We feel this is a much better UI.

Feature Updates


  • All templates have been restyled using CSS grids which provide much better styling, spacing and alignment.
  • For the Horizontal and List templates we have made some styling changes by offsetting the header and including separators between each section
  • There is also now a new template called Catalogue which is focused at displaying Brands in a big image format. 

Brand Images

  • Templates now support a greater range size up to 200px
  • Scaling of the Brand images to fit the space has also been improved to get a much better aspect on all templates
  • Sale icons are also scaled across image sizes and if the image is set small then will move to the brand name.

Brand Index

  • Group Numbers: With this option you can now consolidate your numeric brands under a single header. The header can be set int the Grouped Numbers Index input box. The default is '#'
  • Full URL: This setting allows you to swap between a full length (pages/our-brands#xxxx) link on the A-Z index to a short length (#xxxx) link. This is to address issues where certain themes are unable to load from the long path.

CSS Updates

  • All styling has now been moved away from the soon to be deprecated SCSS files to native CSS. 
  • New custom CSS files lfs-instant-brand-page-custom.css has been created to customise the look and feel of the Instant Brand Page elements.
  • New custom CSS files lfs-instant-brand-slider-custom.css has been created to directly customise the slider. This allows you to have a home page slider and a slider on the brand page with different styling options.
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