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[Release] Slidey Bar 3.0 - Full OS2 compatibility and a lot more

We are very please to announce the new version of Slidey Bar for the next generation of OS2 Theme Shopify customers.

Fully integrated with the new theme app extension technology and offering a host of new features.

Complete control of customisation down to each template. So you can have  different Slidey content for almost anywhere on your site

New banner text option - fill that white space with a small message!

Button animations - drive more call to action with animations to flicker, pulse and wiggle options to draw your customers attention.

New Product and Blog Post content blocks with Buy button customisation 

Multiple Review systems built in and ready to use

3rd Party App block support to extend the value of your Slidey bar and its content to your customers


Along with numerous new and enhanced styling options to improve look and feel of your Slidey Bar.

How to add if you are on an OS2 theme

Step 1: Remove the old version if it exists - article here

Step 2: Enable the Embed - article here

Step 3: Add content to your templates - article here



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