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[Release] Slidey Bar 3.1 - New App Blocks

This minor release includes three new app block options 

  1. Slidey Button Changer
  2. Slidey Button Link
  3. Slidey Affiliate Product

Slidey Button Changer

This new block allows you to change the open button details such as text, color and animation for the specific template its being loaded on.

This provides a dynamic experience where you can have the button say 'Click Me' on the home page, 'Recipes' on the product pages and 'Discounts' on the blog posts. The combinations and flexibility are endless.

ic: Alternative Button Text

Slidey Button Links

This new block provides the option to add a Call to Action button within the Slidey bar

ic: Call to Action button link

Slidey Affiliate Product

This new block provides the option to add a product image, vendor details and price along with a call to action button that links to an external source.

ic: Affiliate product link

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