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[Release] Slidey Bar - Styling enhancements

Slidey Bar has been enhanced to improve content block styling on Shopify OS 2 themes. This includes better enforcement of spacing between blocks and headers and colour matching.

In addition the following features have changed.

Search content block has been restyled to be larger and more distinctive

ic: Improved sizing and styling of the Search function

Custom code blocks no longer need to be added via the application and can instead be added directly from the Theme Customisation options. Allowing support for multiple blocks. Subsequently the code block option within the app has been removed.

ic: Custom liquid option in the Theme Customisation menu


Images for Collections, Recent Posts and Related Products have also received updated settings to support different sizing and shape.

ic: Image style changes via Theme Customisation

Image content blocks have also acquired the setting to change the radius to allow for rounding edges. 

ic: Image block showing rounding in action

To update to the latest version. Simply load the app and click on the 'Get Help' tab

ic: Click on the 'Get Help' tab

Scroll down and click on the 'Reinstall/Update' button to complete the upgrade

ic: Click on the blue button to update

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