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Antler Flying V

Antler Flying V

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  • BEND: Flying V™
  • SHAPE: Directional
  • FLEX: Twin
  • CORE: FSC™ Certified Dragonfly™ 600G Core with Multizone EGD™ and Squeezebox High
  • FIBERGLASS: 60° Carbon Highlights Hi-Voltage
  • BASE: Sintered WFO
  • FEATURES: The Channel™, Frostbite Edges, Scoop, Full Length Guard Rails, Pro-Tip™, and Infinite Ride™
  • ARTIST: Tom French []
  • KEY FEATURE: English artist Tom French literally blurs the lines between realism and surrealism, abstract and figurative, beautiful and frightening. French’s Antler graphics layer subjects and meaning into a dark and compelling visual narrative.  
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