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Nitto B143AA Aluminum Track Drop Bars

Nitto B143AA Aluminum Track Drop Bars

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The Nitto B123 Aluminum Track Bar is made in Japan and NJS certified (a fitting pairing for a frame named Keirin). The smooth bends give extra clearance for heavy sprinting and its heat-treated aluminum construction ensures a perfect balance between strength and weight. You’ll be hard pressed to find a better track bar, unless, of course, it’s a bar that serves a nice, cold brew…and even then, the brew better be pretty darn good!


  • A classic Track racing bar with the Japanese Keirin (NJS) certification
  • Heat treated aluminum construction for best strength-to-weight
  • Smooth bends with plenty of forearm clearance for side-to-side sprinting
  • 325-350g: all Nitto bars are measured center to center. See Pearl NJS stem for matching stems
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