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YNOT Saddle Roll
YNOT Saddle Roll
YNOT Saddle Roll

YNOT Saddle Roll

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Every 5-year-old knows that the best comeback to "Why?" is 'Why Not?!"  With the YNOT saddle roll, you can haul a spare tube, tire lever, keys, cell phone, can of beer, and more, all secured in place by super-tough Nylon that's light enough to carry anywhere and even easier to use. Now when your friends ask why you carry so much cool stuff with you every time you ride, embrace that inner-toddler and shout back, "YNOT"?!

  • 1000D CORDURA¬ with water-resistant backing
  • Three interior compartments
  • Enough room for vitals (ie. tools, tube, levers, allen keys, pump, co2 kit, patch kit, etc)
  • Locking side release clip closure
  • Sewn with no. 69 Nylon thread
  • Bartacked for reinforcement